About Nikki

I’m Nikki, mummy to 2 babies and wife of a lovely man… After 3 long years, We began IVF treatment in 2012 and with some testing times, welcomed our daughter in 2013. I’m not sure if the process took its toll on my mind, body or both but when I should have been feeling at the highest I felt at the lowest, I couldn’t stop crying, didn’t seem to be producing the milk she needed and tiredness was consuming me on a whole new level to anything I had known! I spent 3 years what felt like recovering before we decided she needed a friend ? we followed a frozen IVF cycle and I did some research on what I could do to help the postnatal experience I’d had before, especially doing it this time with a school run too! we found the placenta pills and had to give them a try! Our baby blue arrived late 2017 and I felt like a new person, I wasn’t tired? miracle! Feeding him with milk going spare (he actually gained weight in his first week!) Told I was glowing, and put on jeans I hadn’t worn even before having him! I now even use my frozen pills on a tired teething day and feel like I’ve had an engery boost!… the results were just magical and I wanted to be able to share my story and offer placenta remedies to ladies locally!

About Sheryl

Hiya!! I’m Sheryl, mummy to my daughter Ella who’s 5 and my little boy Oliver who is 10 months. Looking back, after having Ella, I was a bit naive to what having a newborn to look after was actually going to be like. I think my body went into shock a bit! I felt constantly tired, teary, overwhelmed, feeling a failure at being unable to breastfeed whilst still trying to carry on with day to day life! I remember wishing the days away to when she would finally sleep through and not need something from me 24/7! For nearly 4 years I selfishly kept thinking about whether I wanted to put myself through all that again, but me and my husband Jack wanted a little lifelong friend for Ella, so after some hurdles along the way, came our little bundle of joy Oliver. I’m not going to lie, throughout pregnancy, the worrying thoughts of how I was going to cope with 2 children kept popping up in my head. My amazing reflexologist Suzanne suggested I look into placenta encapsulation and after researching it I was sold on the idea! Anything that would make me feel better after having a baby was worth a shot and I booked it up! I felt the benefits immediately! I have enjoyed every single moment of looking after our little family, I never resented having to wake up in the night for feeds, I managed to successfully breastfeed which I never thought I’d be able to do and the tears I was dreading never came. I cannot wait to be able to offer this to other like minded mummies because at the end of the day, us mummies have to stick together! xx

We have been friends for over 30 years, both share the passion for placenta remedies and wanted to get together to offer this special product to mummy’s like yourself reading this today… We would like to thank our own mums for the love, support and of course the outfits!